About Us

A Culture of Excellence.

We are a bunch of passionate, creative professionals who share a love for the arts and technology. We have honed our skills working together for close to a decade at some of the top studios in the world, like Rhythm+Hues Studios, DreamWorks Animation and Rockstar Dedicated Unit among others. Our past credit list is over 30 movies long which includes movies Life of Pi (Oscar® for VFX), The Golden Compass (Oscar® for VFX), The Incredible Hulk, Night at the Museum and Baahubali among others.

Pod 8 Studios was born from a vision, of a great work place delivering excellence in 3D Asset development. We believe our driving force is our real world experience and passion, matched with a dose of team spirit. So whether it is conceptualising ideas for games, creating fantastical creatures and building environments for film, or creating a stunning showpiece collectable, you can rely on our expertise to take your visions to the next level.



Manoj Vangala

Has a collective experience of close to a decade in the field, including 8 years at Rhythm + Hues Studios as a Modelling Lead. Loves design, setting standards and workflows and the resident coffee connoisseur.


Shikhar Sharma

Previous work experience include Rhythm +Hues Studios and DreamWorks India. While naturally inclined towards good food, his interest in Comics and characters won and lead him into CG. 


Sujesh Nair

Has previously worked at Rhythm +Hues Studios and Rockstar Dedicated Unit. Passionate about art and loves to push the boundaries and explore new ideas. A creature of the night with caffeine as his side kick.