Recently Delivered Work

Here is a showcase of some of our work catering to different segments of the market, including VFX, gaming and collectibles.

Justice League - Aquaman Collectible



We created the 3D model of the pangolins for this WildAid ad featuring Jackie Chan, with a very important message on these cute little guys.


Current Production


Earlier Projects

Here is a small preview of some of the project where our work is featured. We were instrumental in developing early concepts, sculpting and producing animation ready 3D models across a wide gamut of assets, including photo real characters, terrifying creatures and fantastical environments. 

Some of our other work 

A brooding, hulking giant of a fighter, who has been a part of the UFC. Starting out as a 12 year, Gutt made a name for himself for his tenacity and courage to fight bigger, badder opponents. Now in his mid 40s he has lost none of that  ferocity and tenacity. This is what has made him a legend in the UFC scene. This is what makes him Gutt.